Counseling Ministry


The Association sponsors the Christian Counseling Center of the Duck River Baptist Association. The Center provides an extension of the church's pastoral care and skills by offering counseling to individuals and families. People who seek help at the Center struggle with varied life experiences and situations including:



    *    Marriage and family problems             
    *    Domestic violence and sexual abuse
    *    Dilemmas of aging, parents and step family life
    *    Coping with loss and grief                   
    *    Personality disorders                      
    *    Personal struggles with anxiety, depression and self-esteem
    *    Spiritual meaning and direction           
    *    Difficulties related to school, job & social



Fees for counseling are charged on the basis of people's ability to pay, and no one is turned away because of inability to pay the cost of counseling. The churches of our Association make this important service possible because they desire that people be healthy spiritually, physically and emotionally and that they have wholesome relationships with family and friends.



We give thanks to God for the service our Center provides and celebrate our partnership in this ministry with forty-four (44) churches in our area. The Christian Counseling Center is located at 11145 Tullahoma Highway, 41A South in Tullahoma. The counselor is available by appointment only.  For an appointment, please call 454-9994.  Dr. Nancy Garrison, a Licensed Professional Counselor, is the primary counselor with whom we partner at the present time.  Dr. Garrison will return your call if you will leave a message on the answering machine when she is not available.